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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)  

  1. What is an LMS?

LMS is an abbreviation for Learning Management System. It is a platform for digital learning. Through an LMS, instructors can offer their courses and online classes. By accessing the platform, students have access to the material and other resources that support learning, such as chats to discuss the content. Distance Learning tool, the main goal of an LMS is make teaching and learning online possible. With the growth of the e-learning market, LMS have millions of students and are helping more and more people have access to quality education.

Synchronous vs. asynchronous learning: what's the difference?

 Synchronicity means doing something at the same time, and with learning, it's no different. Synchronous learning refers to a learning event in which a group of participants is engaged in learning at the same time.

 If synchronous learning takes place at the same time, asynchronous learning refers to the opposite. The instructor, the learner, and other participants are not engaged in the learning process at the same time. There is no real-time interaction with other people.

 Synchronous = happens at the same time. Asynchronous = doesn't happen at the same time. With synchronous learning, participants can receive immediate feedback. With asynchronous learning, the participants can learn at their own pace.

  1. Is TIF-LMS synchronous or asynchronous?
TIF-LMS is asynchronous.

  1. What is included in TIF-LMS?
TIF-LMS includes recorded video lectures & quizzes based on Urdu version of Mutalae Qur'an-e-Hakeem Part 1-4 Urdu Version and Part-1 English Version developed by The ILM Foundation, Karachi.  

  1. What is The ILM Foundation (TIF), Karachi?
TIF is an organization not for profit established in 2009, which intends to provide a complimentary effective platform to the K-12 schools aspiring to provide value-inspired and virtue based world class modern education. TIF is offering all its facilities on complimentary basis for the Sake of Allah the Almighty.  

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The Ultimate Vision of TIF is to produce competent Muslims through an effective educational system.

  1. What is Mutale Qur'an-e-Hakeem?
TIF has developed a comprehensive syllabus of the Holy Qur'an for Students in Urdu named Mutalae Quran-e-Hakeem مطالعۂ قرآنِ حکیم برائے طلباء و طالبات. The syllabus has seven parts that consist of the complete translation, brief exegesis, important topics, and practical guidelines of the entire Holy Qur'an. This Qur'anic syllabus is accredited by the committee of Ulema (representing all schools of thought) constituted by Ministry of Federal Education & Professional Training and there is complete consensus by all schools of thought on all parts of Mutalae Qur'an-e-Hakeem.  

 Alhamdulillah, more than 2.2 million students in around 10,000 public & private schools nationwide are getting benefit from this Qur'anic syllabus and the number is increasing. It is worth mentioning here that this syllabus is also being taught in all govt. schools of KP, Bahawalpur, Islamabad and many other private schools chains.  

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  1. How can LMS be accessed?
The LMS can be accessed at .  

  1. What is the process of registration and enrollment?
For Full access to the course you will need to create a new account for yourself. Please follow these steps for account creation:

i.Follow the link ( to the landing page. When you click on the module you would like to register in, you will be prompted to create a one-time account you can use for all courses. Click on  "Create new account".
ii. Fill out all the mandatory fields marked with * and click on the "Create my new account" button.

New Account

iii. An automatically generated email from the "LMS Administrator" will be immediately sent to your email address (the one you have provided in the registration). If you could not find the e-mail, please check your spam/trash folder.

iv. Read your email, and click on the web link it contains (similar as in the picture below)

Account confirmation

        For Enrollment:
v. Login to LMS portal (
vi. Access LMS Site home page  and 
click on the desired course to open the self enrollment page. Click on ENROL ME button to get yourself enrolled in the course.


  1. How password can be reset?
To reset password please follow below steps:

i. Click on "Lost Password
" button on login page.

ii. You will be directed to another page. Enter either your username or email address, then clicking the search button.

Forget Password

iii. If your account can be found, an email will be sent to your email address with a link to reset your password. Click on the Password reset link as shown below.      

Forget Password email

iv. Provide and confirm your new password as shown below. Ensure you memorize your password to avoid inconveniences.

Set New Password

vi. Click on "SAVE CHANGES" to save your new password and be directed to the LMS home page upon successful login in with the new password.

  1. How certificate will be awarded?
On successful course completion (i.e. achieving 60 % marks in section quizzes) the certificate will be awarded automatically and it can be viewed & downloaded in certificates section.  


  1. How to post comments or quires about course or LMS?
To post quires about LMS access dashboard scroll down and post your quires in Q&A forums or email at        

Forum Activity

  1. What is forum activity?
The Forum activity allows students and teachers to exchange ideas by posting comments. Files such as images and media may be included in forum posts.

  1. What is the time duration of these courses?
There is no time duration anyone can take benefit from these courses according to his/her convenience.

  1. Can LMS be accessed on Mobile?
Yes, LMS can be accessed on mobile via mobile app available on Play store which can be downloaded from given link: 

Note: Tutorial videos are also available of all activities in the course from registration to certification which are helpful in understanding how to use LMS.

Link for Tutorial videos:

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