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Philosophy of Hajj & Sacrifice

by Sohail Ather -

Speaker: Shujauddin Sheikh Sahib (Programs Director-The ILM Foundation)
Topic: "Philosophy of Hajj & Sacrifice" in the light of Mutalae Qur'an-e-Hakeem

Registrations Are Open

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The registration on the TIF LMS are open now. You can create an account and register yourself.


The courses are open for enrolment. The courses can be accessed as a visitor but in restricted mode. 

To register, refer to the following tutorial to understand how to create and verify an account.



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Team Qur’an Program for Students
The ILM Foundation (TIF)

Message for School Teachers & Management (TIF-LMS)

by Sohail Ather -

Video Message for School Teachers & Management (TIF-LMS)



Launching New Courses

by Sohail Ather -

Launching of new online courses Mutalae Quran "Urdu Version Part-4" and "English Version Part-1" from 1st Ramadan In sha Allah.